What's New?

3 October 2020

Added the following pictures to the Nevada Northern Railroad page:

#'s Engine #02, Eng Change #06, and Eng Change #13

27 September 2020

Added the following pictures to the Durango, CO page:

#'s 4761, 4762, 4835 and 4839

Added the following pictures to the Chama, NM page:

#'s 0548 and 0598

18 September 2020

Added picture #0076 to the Sedona, AZ  page.

Added the following pictures to the Chama, NM page:

#'s 0020, 0108, 0150, 0215 and 0435

17 September 2020

Added picture #0017 to the Misc. Other Pictures  page.

12 September 2020

Added the following pictures to the Yellowstone National Park page:

#'s 0026, 0038, 0063, and 0125

Modified navigation buttons for constancy and ease of use

9 September 2020

Added two new pages:

Casa Grande Ruins National Monument, and

Whale Watching Cruises

The Casa Grande Ruins page contains all new pictures

The Whale Watching Cruise page contains one new picture

(#0261) and one picture moved from the Others page (#0330)

Added picture #0028 to the Yosemite National Park page

8 September 2020

On the Alaska page picture #0436 was replaced with #0437

6 September 2020

Changed page name from Portfolio to Locations

30 August 2020

Added the following picture to Yellowstone National Park page


25 August 2020

Added the following pictures

to the Sedona page

#'s 0022, 0172,0194, 0207, 0236

to the Sequoia National Parkpage


to the Yellowstone National Park page

#'s 0035, 0151 and 0161

to the Yosemite National Park page


to the Other page

#'s 5019, 5040 and 5044

24 August 2020

Added pictures #'s 0004, 0007,0019, 0029, 0040, 0046,

0084, 0105, and 0109 to Grand Canyon National Park page

Added additional navigation buttons to all pages to make the movement around the site easier for users

23 August 2020

Made INITIAL release with the following pages completed:

California Poppy Reserve

Mission San Xavier de Bac

Royal Gorge Railroad

Sabino Canyon State Park

Saguaro National Park

San Dunes National Park

Sedona, AZ

Sequoia National Park

Window Rock

Yellowstone National Park

Yosemite National Park

Added Buttons to A) Return to Portfolio and B) Proceed to next page on all pages (where applicable).

20 August 2020

Initial PRELIMINARY release of site

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